Wireless iNet Pricing

JC's Computers is now offering Wireless iNet to throughout Southwest Nebraska and parts of Colorado.

If you are unsure if our Wireless iNet services is available in your area please fill out our questionnaire before you sign up.

Current Rate Schedule for Rural and Residential:

dot 2 MB @ $50.00 per month

dot 3 MB @ $60.00 per month

4 MB @ $70.00 per month

dot 5 MB @ $80.00 per month

dot 7 MB @ $99.00 per month

Commercial rates will be based on the terms of usage and bandwidth needs (a case by case basis).

The Monthly rate does not include the equipment and hardware needed to use the Wireless iNet.

Current Fees associated with Wireless iNet:

Standard Installation Fee: $100.00

Early Termination Fee: $250.00

Hourly Labor Fee: $55.00

Bandwidth delivery is best effort, as it can be limited by the overall level of internet activity per site at any given time, which is outside the control of Wireless Inet, and in fact outside control of any internet service provider.

You must agree to our Wireless iNet Contract before you sign up. If you agree please print the contract sign & date it and return it to JC's Computers.

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